Wednesday, February 10, 2010

a dream did not come true

son woke up this morning and told me he had a lovely dream. the tree in the garden was full of pink flowers and he was rowing the boat in his t-shirt. poor boy!

when we opend the curtains there was no pink tree. but a white world again. winter doesnot want to leave us and we start all over again. slippery streets, snowboots, cleaning the pavement. the gouverment has a huge problem because there is no 'salt' anymore to scatter on our (high) ways. traffic jams and other nuisance.

we also see the lovely landscape and the garden is a black and white fairy tale. son has to wait a litle while for the tree to get pink flowers.

to get some sort of spring feeling we bring the bulbs into the house and enjoy a bit of springseason in the windowsill.

Monday, February 1, 2010

how not to sell a house

with a good friend I had a conversation about piles. it seems that they just grow by themselves. everytime I try to get rit of them they show up again one day later on a different (or the same) spot. it is hopeless to get rit of them definitly.

I'm quiet sure we will never sell our house with all these piles popping up in pictures. not that we have plans on moving place but I wish I once had a clean and pileless house for a day.....

Thursday, January 14, 2010

is this my backyard..... yes it is!

we are still in wintery atmospheres in holland. last weekend the ice was finally thick enough to skate. and so we could enjoy this event from our back yard.

with a lot of 'snowplows' we made the ice free of snow (which kept falling and falling all day long) and we had a lovely time. the whole neighbourhood met on the ice. some made hot chocolate, others came with gluhwein, warm tea or soup.

the landing stage and the chairs on the ice made a nice meeting point. the kids had fun with games (speed run, ice hockey) and chasing each other.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

the cat, the birds and the winter... to be continued

what we expected all the time has happened! saar has been hunting at night over the ice (her hunting grounds have grown bigger and more attractive with all this ice). and an innocent crake deep asleep was her victim. we don't know how she managed but she took the crake through her cat door into the living.
and that is how we found her.

she still does look as in a deep innocent sleep.... but we know better! stupid cat!