Wednesday, February 10, 2010

a dream did not come true

son woke up this morning and told me he had a lovely dream. the tree in the garden was full of pink flowers and he was rowing the boat in his t-shirt. poor boy!

when we opend the curtains there was no pink tree. but a white world again. winter doesnot want to leave us and we start all over again. slippery streets, snowboots, cleaning the pavement. the gouverment has a huge problem because there is no 'salt' anymore to scatter on our (high) ways. traffic jams and other nuisance.

we also see the lovely landscape and the garden is a black and white fairy tale. son has to wait a litle while for the tree to get pink flowers.

to get some sort of spring feeling we bring the bulbs into the house and enjoy a bit of springseason in the windowsill.


  1. Yummo. Things are still sweaty over here! - I'll be back to visit when I need to think cooling thoughts...