Sunday, December 20, 2009

more snow, and more and more and more....

did we think we had lots of snow on thursdaymorning? that was peanuts compared to the snowfall on sunday. when we woke up today it was snowing just a bit but during the morning it turned into a real snow-show.

the thick snowflakes and a good crispy snowpack were unresitable and we had to go out. dressed up in our wintersports outfit we went for a long winterwalk to friends for a warm coffee. we took the route through parks and the 'edge' of the town and had the feeling we were out there on our own, throwing snowballs and having fun.

cat saar looked very surprised and didnot understand why the white fluffy stuff was so cold. but she also liked to play. hesitating for the nice spot near the heater or being outside for a cold adventure.

walking back from our coffee break (which turned into a lunchbreak and finished it off with a glass of wine as well) we bumped into our neigbourhood x'mas drink festive. which also looked perfect in the snow and we had another 'gluhwein' before we finally returned home.....

with the taste of a yummie day and a snowflake.... or two!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

X'mas excitement

bought the x'mas tree yesterday and decorated it together with son in the afternoon, while we loudly sang with the X'mas toppers. then we went to the school x'mas play in the evening. woke up this morning and immediatly I recognized the silence of a good snow deck (yes... snow makes the world silent!). I opened the curtains and YES YES YES... how much more x'mas can it get?

on my slippers trying to catch some of the fairy-tale atmosphere (which is a mission impossible for me at 7.30 in the morning when it is freezing cold.

son was doing better, he was dressed in 2 minutes and made 2 snowmen before he went to school's x'mas breakfast. it is a pity there is no picture of those two snowguys but I loved the action at 7.30......

Thursday, December 10, 2009

where ever I lay my head II

the follow up of the items that always find a new spot in my house to make it my home. I used to move around very often. since husband and son are around it has not changed much lately. but in all the place where I have lived these ones had a (prominent) place and still have:

my orange lamp in my bedroom, a gift from a friend who disappeared out of my life a long time ago, funny that this gift is still in my life and bedroom.

my 'african pumpkin', bought on a 3 month trip in west-africa and always in use for my cheap jewelry collection.

the indian stainless steel kitchentools pot bought on my trip to india a long time ago; once this one is on my kitchen sink I can cook and the kitchen is mine.

and my really favourite; the red 'dish' lamp which I probably always will keep, although the arm gets 'lazy' and husbands gets annoyed by this old lamp.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

where ever I go.....

I was secretly planning to stop with my blog and just let it go. But a good friend had a lovely blogpost about items you always take with you from home to home. Everyone has some of these specialities. When I started to look around me (at first I thought I had non) the list became longer and longer and longer and longer...

I have my 'box', found it long time ago, don't even no where and when exactly. But always following me, containing letters (from that long time ago we used to send letters to beloved ones).

I have my relic kitsch, with maria's, ganeshes and budha's. I always find a place for my relic shrine somewhere in the house. Don't know why it is in my toilet this time??

And there is my first (and last) piece of crafting. Two little ottoman. Made them completly by hand myself (copied them from an old one I saw at someone elses place). Right now they are looking old (or worn out is a better word) themselfs and the cat has found them a lovely subject to sharpen her nails. but they will always come with me to another place.

The list is longer, so there will be a follow up, keep you posted!