Wednesday, September 16, 2009

itsy pitsy......

every one with a garden must recognize this; in autumn you cannot go around in the garden without getting a spiderweb in your face or hair. everywhere you go you feel sticky thread and suddenly you feel a creapy crawly spider running down your neck into a place you don't want spiders to be.

their webs are beautiful with this low sun in this time of year but hard to get on picture (with my camera....!). an autumn garden with spiderwebs, low sunbeams and leaves turning each color is (almost) more beautiful then a summer garden filled with hundreds of flowers. the only real reason I don't like the autumn season is that I realise it will be followed by a wet and dark and cold winter......

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  1. Yikes! I took M a cup of tea in his falling down shed late in the night last week, and walked straight into a web. Afraid only a third of a cup of tea was delivered!