Sunday, December 20, 2009

more snow, and more and more and more....

did we think we had lots of snow on thursdaymorning? that was peanuts compared to the snowfall on sunday. when we woke up today it was snowing just a bit but during the morning it turned into a real snow-show.

the thick snowflakes and a good crispy snowpack were unresitable and we had to go out. dressed up in our wintersports outfit we went for a long winterwalk to friends for a warm coffee. we took the route through parks and the 'edge' of the town and had the feeling we were out there on our own, throwing snowballs and having fun.

cat saar looked very surprised and didnot understand why the white fluffy stuff was so cold. but she also liked to play. hesitating for the nice spot near the heater or being outside for a cold adventure.

walking back from our coffee break (which turned into a lunchbreak and finished it off with a glass of wine as well) we bumped into our neigbourhood x'mas drink festive. which also looked perfect in the snow and we had another 'gluhwein' before we finally returned home.....

with the taste of a yummie day and a snowflake.... or two!

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  1. wow...ellen wat een prachtige foto's dat klinkt allemaal heel erg relaxed zeg! genieten!

    fijne dagen
    liefs Floor