Saturday, January 2, 2010

winter birds

in my former blogpost I wrote about the oliebol I gave to the hungry birds in the garden. this fat food is not so healthy for birds as well. so I will stick to the more prefered bird food in winter: peanuts.

lots of little birds are visiting the garden on their search for a nice snack. we see robins, all sorts of titmouse and wren. off course their are other species as well but I'm not so good in all these bird names.

they are very brave (and I asume very hungry) because they keep visiting the garden although cat Saar is on a hunt.....

I will not show a picture of the little bird that we found under our dinner table (or what was left of it).

1 comment:

  1. Leuk je vogelfoto's te zien! Ik heb er hier ook veel buiten in de bomen en het is heerlijk genieten als ik ze bezig zie met het vogelvoer.
    Ik moest lachen om de kat met zo'n ondeugend koppie ;-)