Tuesday, May 26, 2009

landing stage

Every time when I do some (little) changes to my little garden and when there is a shovel involved, I dig up stones and bricks. I don't know what the former owners of the house have done but there are more bricks in my garden then in the whole house. Last time when I was piling up all the stones I found in a square meter underground I saw this remarkable one. I knew it was a sign. I have been asking my beloved husband for a landing stage (well, just a little one) for ages so my son can use his rowing boat a bit more easily. Without a landing stage we had to crawl into the neighboors garden with a boat on our neck. And the neigboor is a very friendly man but I felt quiet uncomfortable sneaking into his garden with the boat followed by some kids. To be short: we have our landing stage and to mark it I used this old brick with an anker. It looks quiet happy on this spot, much better then it was underground.


  1. Finally, I have my act together! WHAT A TREASURE. See if I went digging I'd only come up with suspicious parcels wrapped in plastic (don't ask). EB, that is a DOOZY.

  2. He Ellen nice this blog how much you can do in a little garden, inspiring, greetings Lieke