Tuesday, June 2, 2009

collectors items

my son is one of the collectors in the house. where ever he can lay his hands on he needs to take it home and store it. so we do have containers filled with his drawings (from his years in nursery upto his class right now). we do have pots filled with chestnuts, stones and other treasures. the front garden is a storage place for sticks, old bricks and dakpannen (for the hut that is needed to be build once).
as you can imagine is a trip (or even worse: a holiday) to the beach a temptation. we have been to Britanny in May holiday for four years in a row, so we had to be strict at the moment of moving back home. only the 'really beautiful' ones earned a place in the back of the car. spreading a 'lovely' sea smell during the return trip home.... (does it need more explanation; most of the trips were made with high temperatures). at home we had to find glass pots and cans to store the collection of shells, stones and other treasures. my favorites are the glass bits that became polished by the waves on the shore.

right now the shells find their way into the spots of the garden where I have no clue what can grow there ( I discover many of this spots). it is time we go to the sea again to get some more......

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  1. Ohhhh, THAT smell. Since we were last at the beach on Sunday that particular whiff is fairly strong in our playroom at the moment. And as far as boys and collecting goes, do you reckon it's evil to not check the pockets before you throw clothes in the wash (it's just that some of those collections are fairly revolting and I'd rather live in denial).