Sunday, June 28, 2009

African temperatures

about 20 years ago I travelled in West Africa. I still remember the humidity and the hot weather. one move and pearls of sweat were on my forehead. in those three months I also bought fabrics. I couldnot choose between all the colourful paterns and brought home several prints. I never knew what to do with thoose fabrics, they all were out of place in our cold and grey country.

a few years ago I had a 'brilliant' idea and made cushion covers for the garden. we use this cushions only when it is warm and summer and suddeny the colours of the fabric didnot look out of place anymore.

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  1. Hey crafty lady! Soon you really will be crocheting granny square blankets! Love your outdoor living room. Still not convinced that 28 degrees is really THAT hot! (ok, neither is 5 degrees that cold).