Tuesday, June 9, 2009

hide and seek

right near our 'landingstage' in between the reed we do have a poor brave mum. she is sitting on her nest for weeks now and we all are having a daily glimpse at here to see if the baby's are there yet. she never leaves her spot (or to be more precise: she is always there when we do peek around the corner). even when we had an enormous thunderstorm a week ago and the garden chairs rolled through the garden. she survived and hold to her instinct ánd her eggs. it is her second breed this season and her first sprouts have now been send away by dad to make their own living and the parents have all the time available for the new arrivals. it is a lovely hidden spot. they try to keep their spot as secret as they can. at the moment the egg shells break and screams for food can be heard the heron is not far away and for sure he will minimalise the new family! poor mum, hide and seek is not a funny game for you and the kids.... and why has nature given your babies such an ugly, prominent red fluffy head?

1 comment:

  1. Hey no fair! I had no idea they were the commensurate ugly duckling. You're going to have to go on heron duty now - for the greater good.