Friday, June 5, 2009

adolesence grass

One of the little changes I made in the little garden was taking away a not so useful path from the 'main terrace' upto the 'back terrace' at the waterfront. It was crossing our four square meters of 'lawn' and it looked so silly that finally this winter I had the energy to take this stone path away. We did a few months with just a stripe of Dutch clay in the middle of the green (cat Saar loved to take that route before entering the house taking the mud straight onto the couch), when finally it became warm enough to do the miracle with the grass seeds. After two weeks we had this little fellows saying 'hello, we're ready!' and they left me with the thought 'this will never turn out into grown up grass'.
And now in middle of summer we have a zone that looks like a green landingstripe in the middle of the garden. The new born grass is in the puberty fase and is growing much harder and greener then the middle aged green.

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