Monday, June 29, 2009

one two three.. in 10 minutes

one of the great pleasures is the waterpart that borders our garden. in winter we ice skate and right now, when it is tropical (to the Dutch standard), we enjoy the waterfront in many ways. I carry around about 30 watering-cans a day for my daily work out. and the 8 year old is on the water in his rowing boat.

today we tried the fishing-rod. we never tried it before (it was a present for my son's birthday in March) because we (mum and son) are scared for the huge fish that swim around. but today husband took the rod (he is not afraid he catches a 40 cm tall fish and even better: he knows how to get them off the hook). I was surprised the two men caught 3 (three!) little fish in 10 minutes. what an excitement.

ps. we released them all after half a minute on the hook! and we are not even sure we caught the same fish 3 times in a row!

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  1. I know a small boy headed excitedly in your direction to go fishing!