Wednesday, July 1, 2009

more hide and seek

wednesday morning and the garden door is open. I'm trying to get some 'order' in my household after too many days of running for work and birthday parties (four in one weekend). then I do hear a strange sniffing in the garden. is it my cat that has been eating from something that makes her sick, is it a duck that got lost and is strolling in the shrubs. on my search (excitement at 9.30 in the morning...)

I find two hedgehogs sniffing loud to each other. is this a matter of territory quarrel or has this something to do with mating? I let them; and they leave me behind wondering why hedgehogs show up in day time. I only know these guys from times very late in the evening or very early on the morning (and that is why I don't see them that often!)

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