Wednesday, July 1, 2009

dead little creatures

as I wrote earlier, our cat Saar is a true co-user of the garden space and beyond. it is paradise for her. she is queen of the neighbourhood and has hardly any enemies. there is just one big male cat; when he is around she escapes inside and expects us to send the guy away (which we won't be doing, we think she has to be strong enough to face him as well).
in daytimes cat Saar can look so quiet and peaceful and lazy but at nights she just turns into a murderer. in the morning we see in the kitchen or on the carpet (and these days on the grass) what she has left for us as her trophees. this morning I found two of them in the grass, hopefully not a couple with a nest full of little ones left behind.

mice we can handle (they fit in the carbage bin). a few days ago she almost caught a duck. so we are prepared to find a dead heron or goose one morning....