Saturday, August 29, 2009

big surprise

back from a lovely (long) holiday. not really into the blogging mood right now. would love to keep the holiday mode as long as I can, and computers and blogs don't belong there.
but when we came home and we took a glimpse in the garden (which always looks like a rain forest after 4 weeks 'let it grow') we had the big suprise. the sunflower took her chance and made some meters while we were out. is this typically Dutch to have such tall sunflowers?


  1. WHAT ON EARTH DO YOU THINK? Of course Dutch sunflowers are TALL. Australian ones don't grow anywhere near that. At least not the ones this 153cm person grows...

    PS. Nice to see you around...

  2. ziet er geweldig uit...zie je wat zo'n vakantie ook voor je tuin voor geweldigs doet ;-)) ben je nou aan het vilten geslagen met de knuffels van Joris...geen goed idee he? hoe ist? weer back on track en is Sue alweer begonnen, dat betekent weer veel gezelligheid. ;_))