Wednesday, September 9, 2009

end of season

although we still have warm days (and nights!) it seems Holland is making up for autumn. yesterday I saw in 15 minutes from home to work the 'army of nature control'. control over the looks nature can have. someone was out there to cut all the reed at the waterfront; so our garden suddenly looks very naked. I saw someone in a 'steam car' cleaning the pavement. have no clue why we need that because in a few weeks the streets will be covered with leaves. and saying that: I bumped into someone who was going around with a 'leave blower'. I could only discover a few so the guy was maybe excercising for the big autumn pile arriving soon?

as said: we have some sort of indian summer going on but the signs that it is really end of season show: the boat is not being used and is dropped in a corner of the terras, the most plants start to turn brownish and flowers stop blooming over and over again.
Some won't give up and they are queen of the garden at the moment....

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  1. Leaf blowers always make me laugh. At the users. Especially in Autumn. What precisely is the point of clearing the front of your house as far as your fence extends? Are these users in wind denial?!