Tuesday, September 22, 2009

other forms and colors: go go's

suddenly they are all out there. somebody in a marketing office had an idea and another one said "oh well, we can just give it a try". And since one week the life of the 8 year old is all about strange plastic creatures in horrible colors and forms. where I get fun and satisfaction from forms and colors in my garden, my son is excited about forms and colors of these go go's. So we need to do shopping in the nearby supermarket, every 10 euro's spent is one go go. groups of boys are standing near the supermarket entrance on go go hunt and drive all the people in and around the shop grazy: "may I have you go go's please?" and as you can guess: there must be one golden go go out there.

ps. the network scales of the eight year old are stunning. family, neighbours, friends of us are all submitted to do their shopping in the nearby supermarket.
ps. I really need a better camera.....

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