Monday, September 28, 2009

contribution to climate change

last weekend we had still a lovely indian summer with loads of sun and warmth. but right now the evenings and nights gets a bit crispy and cold so we cannot sit outside uptill late. saturday night (Mr. was gone for a climbing-biking weekend) the 8 year old and me were home together. we both look forward to this spare weekends with just the two of us (not that we want the Mr. not to be with us). but we are always planning a 'pizza in front of television'dinner' and hire a nice kids movie (the movie 'bolt' is very much recommended).
so we did and the crispy evening made us start the wood heater to make it even more 'gezellig' (= cosy). at those moments I don't mind the cold evenings and nights that will be here for the next 6 months. but only on those moments.....

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  1. And the really good thing is, that now you can both sit there like old women knitting away! Hey, EB, I spent most of last winter knitting a blanket for a new baby and I can't tell you how toasty warm it kept me as I worked (ok, so you have to knit a few rows first)