Tuesday, October 6, 2009

more contribution to climate change

in our front garden, yes there is a front garden and I tell you this: in Holland a front garden is a rare thing. if you find your self lucky with a garden it is most of time stampsize big and only on the backside of the house. from the frontside eg. the frontdoor you step immediatly into the public zone of the pavement. we are lucky ones with even a ten meter deep front garden zone which allows us a bit more privacy and the feeling of owning 'land'. well, the front garden has even trees and this summer we (or the neighbour) discovered a sick tree.
last week they came with hugh saws and machine to take down the sick one. we didnot like it, it was our (or the neigbours) tree but we had to listen to what the gardener said. with the first autumn storm the tree could end up on a car, or roof or worse.... a person! in the morning before we all had to leave for school, work and other fun related stuff, the gardener started.

and when we came home in the afternoon it was so empty and so light in the front. and the tree didnot look sick at the inside after all. no sick and weak wood but a firm and healthy trunk. we might have enough wood for the wood burner to realise more warm summers. we can contribute to the climate change more then we want if we have to finish this off for the end of the winter....

ps. lots of work for the husband to get it all the right size for the burner, keep you posted....

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