Sunday, December 6, 2009

where ever I go.....

I was secretly planning to stop with my blog and just let it go. But a good friend had a lovely blogpost about items you always take with you from home to home. Everyone has some of these specialities. When I started to look around me (at first I thought I had non) the list became longer and longer and longer and longer...

I have my 'box', found it long time ago, don't even no where and when exactly. But always following me, containing letters (from that long time ago we used to send letters to beloved ones).

I have my relic kitsch, with maria's, ganeshes and budha's. I always find a place for my relic shrine somewhere in the house. Don't know why it is in my toilet this time??

And there is my first (and last) piece of crafting. Two little ottoman. Made them completly by hand myself (copied them from an old one I saw at someone elses place). Right now they are looking old (or worn out is a better word) themselfs and the cat has found them a lovely subject to sharpen her nails. but they will always come with me to another place.

The list is longer, so there will be a follow up, keep you posted!

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