Thursday, December 10, 2009

where ever I lay my head II

the follow up of the items that always find a new spot in my house to make it my home. I used to move around very often. since husband and son are around it has not changed much lately. but in all the place where I have lived these ones had a (prominent) place and still have:

my orange lamp in my bedroom, a gift from a friend who disappeared out of my life a long time ago, funny that this gift is still in my life and bedroom.

my 'african pumpkin', bought on a 3 month trip in west-africa and always in use for my cheap jewelry collection.

the indian stainless steel kitchentools pot bought on my trip to india a long time ago; once this one is on my kitchen sink I can cook and the kitchen is mine.

and my really favourite; the red 'dish' lamp which I probably always will keep, although the arm gets 'lazy' and husbands gets annoyed by this old lamp.

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